Altar Etc

Stations and Roof Crucifix

d1022 30x35

d1023 26x26

d1024 26x26

d1025 14x14

d1026 14x14











 Home Mass kit and Missal Stands




d1007 45x31x11

 d1008 47x34x15

 d1009 47x34x15

 d1010 45x31x11

 d1011 45x31x11

d1012 40x28x10






 d1013 25x17x5

  d1014 30x24x12

d1015 44x29x9.5

  d1016 44x29x9.5

d1017 36x25x10

  d1018 42x29x10







d1036 42x29x10

  d1037 42x30x15

d1038 42x30x15




Cruets and Oil Stocks and Holy Water pots






 d351 37x25

 d352 37x25

 d510 25x16

 d511 25x16

 d512 26x12

 d514 3.5x6.5






d515 4.2x4.2

 d516 2.8x3.2

  d517 9x13.5

 d518 9x12.6

d519 11x19.5

 d520 9.5x4






  d617 1.6l

 d808 14x15

 d809 14x15

d810 11x13

 d811 11x13 

 d812 11x13







 d813 11x13

  d814 12x21

 d815 12x21

 d816 31x180






d710 11.5x23.5 

d711 11.5x23.5 

 d712 10.5x25

d713 10.5x25 

d714 11x23






 d715 11x23

 d716 10.5x24

 d717 10.5x24

d718 10.5x25 

 d719 10.5x25

d720 12.5x6






 d721 12.5x6

d722 12.5x7 

d723 12.5x7 

d724 9.5x8 

d725 9.5x8 

d726 2.5x21





 d727 21.5x17

d728 60x13.8 

 d729 60x13.8

d730 60x13.8 

 d731 60x13.8

d732 11.5x17







d733 11.5x17

d734 12.5x16

d735 12.5x16

d736 9.5x17

d737 9.5x17


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